It’s 2020– do you have a clear vision for Peace? January is a time to reset our resolutions, aim our sights on new goals, and motivate one-another to make the new year grand. As peacebuilders, we always want to pursue Peace in our communities, but sometimes the task seems daunting. The Rotarian Action Group for Peace is here to help you with our shared mission for Peace. To motivate your Peace resolution for the new year, here’s a list of steps that you and your Rotary Club can accomplish to Wage Peace in your community with the RAGFP.

Resources and Links:

  1. Join the RAGFP 
  2. Become a Peacebuilder Club
  3. Subscribe to our Newsletters  and check out our Projects Page to gain inspiration on your next Peace Project. Remember to email the RAGFP at [email protected] for Peace Project consultation.
  4. Apply for a Global Grant
  5. Engage with Rotary Peace Fellows
  6. Share your Peace Project on our website or email [email protected] with updates on your latest Peace Project.