Our Leadership Team: Rotary Action Group for Peace

Presenting the Rotary Year 2023-2024 Board of Directors! We are excited, humbled and energized to promote peace projects of Rotary clubs, districts, and zones and to support communications within the Rotary world.



Al Jubitz
Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Rotary Club of Portland, Oregon
District 5100 (United States)

Michael Hayes

Rotary Club of Westlake
District 5160 (United States)

Grace Van Zyl

Rotary Club of Johannesburg
District 9400 (South Africa)

Barbara Gaughen-Muller
Immediate Past Chair

Rotary E-Club of World Peace
District 5330 (United States)

Arzu Alpagut

Rotary Club of Findikli
District 2420 (Turkiye)

Gabe Hau

Gabe Hau

Rotary e-club of Melbourne
District 5100 (Australia)

alison one[1]

Alison Sutherland
Technical Officer

Rotary Club of Cardiff Bay
District 1150 (Wales)

James Stewart
At-Large Director

Rotary Club of Seaside
District 5100 (Unites States)

Mitzi Leung
At-Large Director

Rotary Club of Hong Kong
District 3450 (Hong Kong)

Tijana Ristic

Tijana Ristic
At-Large Director

Rotaract Club of Belgrade Metropolitan
District 2483 (Serbia)

Dirk Listug
At-Large Director

Helen Peacock

Helen Peacock
At-Large Director

District 7010 (Canada)

Smita Vikhankar

Smita Vikhankar
At-Large Director

Rotary Club of Pune Hillside
District 3131 (India)

Chand Kolavennu

Chand Kolavennu
At-Large Director

Rotary Club Visakhapatnam
District 3020 (India)