Living Room Conversations with Reem Ghunaim – Season 2!

Together for Peace was launched with the intention to bring the Rotary Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) network of peacebuilders (who cover 110 countries) to take collective action from their own living rooms. We aspire to be the engine of change that demonstrates the power behind Rotary Connecting the World. The series attendees are empowered to learn dynamic peace strategies, connect to relevant peace organizations, and access the tools to strengthen their noble humanitarian mission.

There is power in turning our living rooms into platforms of peace. We meet inspiring speakers with global missions and heroic deeds. Our guests do not only share their journeys, but also the missions for which they live. The series turns our living rooms into vibrant and interactive conversations that spark thoughtful discussions and compassionate actions.

Episode 13: Wendy Mitchell and Waleed Nesyif

SEASON FINALE PART 2: Waleed and Wendy’s story demonstrates that when we come together we create peace. We will examine how their serendipitous friendship came to be and the influence they had on each other that furthered their life of service and peace. Join us for a story of friendship, service, kindness, and action for peace.

Episode 12:  Waleed Nesyif

SEASON FINALE PART 1: Waleed shares his journey growing up in Bagdad and his human experiences during various political conflicts, wars, sanctions, and terrorism in Iraq. As an international journalist and award-winning filmmaker, Waleed will help us explore how media shapes peace in the East and the West. Nesyif has been involved in award-winning documentaries including Shocking and Awe, a Deep Dish TV series, I know I’m not alone (2006), Blackwater’s Youngest Victim, Heavy Metal in Baghdad (2007) amongst other collaborative work. Most recently, Waleed was featured in the BBC documentary series Once Upon a Time in Iraq where Waleed tells his journey growing up in conflict and migrating to Canada where he now lives.

Episode 11:  Teja Rot

Mateja Rot is the CEO and Founder of City Says in Slovenia, an organization that creates innovative community-based urban solutions through the exploration of social innovation with architecture, art, technology, and design. City Says focuses on building sustainable approaches to architecture and design, focuses on the revitalization of abandoned and neglected public spaces in the city. Mateja discusses the importance of urban development and design when rethinking more peaceful, functional cities for all. 

Episode 10:  June Ryushin Tanoue

Sensei and Kumu Hula June Kaililani Ryushin Tanoue is the co-founder of Zen Life & Meditation Center, Chicago(ZLMC) and founder of Halau i Ka Pono – The Hula School of Chicago ( a program of ZLMC) in 2009 Kumu June went through traditional ʻuniki ritual and graduated as ‘Olapa (Dancer) in 1994, ‘Olapa/Ho’opa’a (Dancer/Keeper of the Chants) in 1996 and Kumu Hula (Master Teacher) in June 2000. She has an MPH in Nutrition from the University of Hawaii and a BS in Biology from the University of Redlands, CA. June spent 33 years working with nonprofit organizations. Nearly 25 years were with food banks in Oregon, Hawaii and Chicago. She also worked in grants administration with USA for Africa and the Hawaii Community Foundation.

Episode 9:  Rhett Sanster

Rhett Sangster is the Director of Reconciliation and Community Partnerships at the Office of the Treaty Commissioner in Saskatchewan, Canada. This office works to facilitate a bilateral process to discuss treaty and jurisdictional issues between Saskatchewan First Nations and the government of Canada. Rhett works in coordinating efforts to engage both the public and community leaders on the nature of reconciliation in Saskatchewan.  Don’t miss this wonderful episode where Rhett describes his bountiful experiences of justice, peace, and reconciliation around the world and takes these practices back home to Saskatchewan, Canada.

Episode 8: Fergal McCarthy

Fergal is the Peace Programs Manager at Rotary International. One of his key responsibilities is the creation and continued implementation of an overarching peace strategy for the many peace activities within Rotary. Fergal also has a background in media and communications, having produced documentaries that focused on peacebuilding and development projects in Brazil, Malawi, South Sudan, India, and Pakistan. He has also produced a number of programs that focused on the Northern Ireland conflict and British-Irish relations today.

Episode 7: Barbara Gaughen Muller

Barbara Gaughen-Muller is a peacemaker, author, speaker, radio host, visionary, and consultant to world leaders. Barbara is president, UNA-USA, Santa Barbara and created the Santa Barbara UNA Peace Prize to honor peacemakers working locally on global problems. She is a co-founder of the Rotary E-Club of World Peace and a Board member of the RAGFP.  She hosts a weekly podcast called the where she speaks with global Peacemakers on ideas, insights, and paths for world peace.

Episode 6: Jeremy Lucas

Jeremy is an attorney, non-profit executive, and advocate for the under-represented. His passionate commitment to building a peaceful and just world is guided by his experience as a collaborative leader, public speaker, and international program developer. Jeremy was an Attorney and Nonprofit Lobbyist who elevated workers’ rights, personal civil, and criminal representation. On the 19th anniversary of the September 11th tragedy at the World Trade Center in New York, Jeremy will be sharing his experience as a relief worker at Ground Zero. We will remember this dark moment in history and discuss how we as global citizens have moved forward for peace in the last 19 years.

Episode 5: Scilla Elworthy

Dr Scilla Elworthy turns vision into action. Today her full attention is on developing Business Plan for Peace, resulting from her 2017 book: The Business Plan for Peace: Building a World Without War. She has been three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for developing effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics, with the Oxford Research Group she founded in 1982.

Episode 4: Harry Anastasiou

Harry Anastasiou is a professor of International Peace and Conflict Studies and former Director of the Conflict Resolution Program at Portland State University. His work focuses widely on nationalism, ethnic conflict, multi-dimensional peacebuilding, and international peace and conflict issues. Catch Harry’s episode of Together for Peace to learn more about how Rotarians can take action in Cyprus and ease peace tensions around the globe.

Episode 3: Peter Kyle

Peter Kyle is the Director of Rotary Zones 33 & 34, representing the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern USA, and Caribbean nations. He first came to the US from New Zealand in 1973 to pursue post-graduate studies in law a the University of Virginia as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. He practiced International Law for several years before becoming a Senior International Attorney for the World Bank for 16 years. Please join us to learn about how Rotarians can utilize Peace Fellows, the World Bank, and Rotary alumni for peacebuilding efforts around the globe.

Episode 2: Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt is an Emmy Award-winning producer by trade, but an active humanitarian at heart. She is a proud member of the RAGFP and Mediators Beyond Borders, as well as the CFO for the Uganda Development Initiative (UDI). Marsha is the 2018/2019 Rotarian of the Year for her life to service. Her work in education in Uganda has been so powerful that it has been recognized by the Ugandan president and earned her an honorary Doctorate from the prestigious Knumba University in Kampala, Uganda.

Episode 1: Dr. Shon Neyland

Dr. Shon Neyland is a man who has served on many sides of Peacebuilding. As a minister, military veteran, life coach, motivational speaker, and published author, Dr. Neyland is a leader who’s actions bring about hope and courage for tens of thousands of people around the world. He is a local activist for peace within the Black Community in Portland, Oregon where he leads the largest MLK Day of service in the area. Learn more about how he leads peace through spiritual practice, mentorship, and projecting words of wisdom in his community and beyond.