Global Grant Writing for Peace Projects

For three years beginning 1 January 2o17, clubs and districts will be able to use global grants for the construction of low-cost shelters and simple schools, under a change approved by Foundation Trustees in September. However, the construction must be a part of a comprehensive project related to an area of focus. Construction by itself will not be eligible for global grants. The low cost shelters guidelines and application appendix are available now in English. Translated versions will be coming soon. The information for simple schools will also be available soon.

You can send questions to [email protected]

Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and Districts that wish pursue peace projects may apply to the Rotary Foundation for Global Grants in the area of focus under Peace, Conflict Prevention and Resolution. Peace Projects may be undertaken by Rotarians alone or collaboratively with Rotary Peace Fellows and Peace organizations with expertise in the area concerned.

The minimum Rotary Foundation contribution for a Global Grant is $15,000. This means that the project must have a budget of between $30,000 and $35,000, depending on whether or not it is a District Global Grant or Rotary club initiated with District participation. The maximum amount The Rotary Foundation will contribute is $100,000.

Writing a Global Grant for a Peace Project is straightforward provided one follows the following steps, which streamline the process, helping prospective applicants prepare their application in an efficient and effective manner.

Prospective applicants may want to begin by looking at successful past Global Grants for projects in Peace, Conflict Prevention. Click here for examples.