World Unity Week

World Unity Week. June 19 - 26

World Unity Week is a Global Interactive Celebration connecting the world through diverse passion-areas using the best available technologies. The inspiring events and presentations are unifying event from arond the world that are rooted in place, intergenerational, cross-cult-cultural and inter-disciplinary. Join the Rotary E-Club of World Peace in the following. 

RAGFP is Hiring: General and Operations Manager

June 17, 2021. We are Hiring: General and Operations Manager

Intercountry Committees Opening Opportunities for Peace

Intercountry Committees Opening Opportunities for Peace. June 10, 2021

May 2021 Newsletter

Mothers Grow Future Peacebuilders

Mothers Grow Future Peacebuilders. April 2021 Newsletter. April 30, 2021

April is the Rotary Month of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and celebrates International Mother Earth Day. MCH, International Earth Day, and Peace have a strong correlation. Mothers provide for their families and children using the resources available to them.  Just like our own biological mothers, our shared Mother Earth takes care of all its children. Mother Earth provides us with food to eat, water to drink, air to breathe, and a shelter to live on. Mothers are essential to the cycle of life, which in turn makes them essential to peace.

Water is Life, Clean Water is Peace.

Water is Life, Clean Water is Peace. March 2021 RAGFP Newsletter. 


The Future of Peace Leadership Conference

April 8, 2021. Future of Peace Leadership Conference. 

In celebration of its centenary in Australia, Rotary has invited leaders in peace and conflict resolution to provide perspectives on challenging global and domestic issues and how we can all contribute towards building a more peaceful world over the next 100 years.

Youth and Peace in Action

April 7, 2021. Youth and Peace in Action.


Peacebuilder Club Promotes Peace through Vocational Service

March 1, 2020. Peacebuilder Club Promotes Peace through Vocational Service

Peacebuilder Club, the Rotary Club of Zanesville, celebrated their first-ever Good Neighbor Day on October 3, 2020. Good Neighbor Day was created to partner with the community of Zanesville to beautify the neighborhood through a fun community event. The Rotary Club of Zanesville collaborated with the Noon Rotary Club and the Bethel Community Center, an organization that assists vulnerable populations in the area, to help organize and facilitate the event.  Through the input of local neighbors and community members, a list of needs and goals were established for the Good Neighbor Day event. The 33 volunteers with the collaboration of 9 organizations completed the following good neighbor deeds: 

Peace at the center of Climate Crisis & Sustainability

February 16, 2021. Climate Crisis and Sustainability. RAGFP Newsletter January 2021. 









Supporting the Environment is Rotary's newest RAF. Like Peace & Conflict Resolution, the Environment is foundational to the success and resiliency of each RAF. To have clean water to drink and prevent disease, we must keep pollutants out of our rivers and waterways. To keep communities resilient to economic problems and to feed the masses, the soil must be fertile to continue to grow crops. Learning to live with the environment sustainably for generations to come is a core educational element to prevent conflicts in resource scarcity and climate change. Preserving nature, protecting biodiversity, and building green solutions to peace obstacles will help ensure resilient, sustainable positive peace communities today and long into the future.