Our Mission: Rotary Action Group for Peace

Serve as a resource to Rotarians, Rotary clubs and districts by supporting the peace work of Rotarians worldwide.

Leadership for Peace

Leadership for PeaceThe worldwide interest in building a Rotarian peace coalition is significant and always growing. The need for a vehicle to provide centralized resources to Rotarians to plan and implement large-scale, community development and humanitarian service projects in the areas of war prevention, peacebuilding, peacekeeping and peacemaking is apparent. As the international peace system is continually strengthening, the time is right for further Rotarian leadership and involvement on peace issues.

Globally, every community has a role to play in advancing world understanding, tolerance, empathy, goodwill and peace. Join our results-focused network to gain powerful ideas, in-depth knowledge and direct means for action that align with the Rotary mission and strategic plan. Together, we can be a major factor in affecting policies on peace.

Our Commitment

The Rotary Action Group for Peace is committed to providing the tools for our members to pursue their passion for peace. We offer resources that provide knowledge, ideas, networks and support for advancing world peace and understanding.

Using Your Donations Wisely

Rotary Action Group for Peace membership dues and donations will be used to fund peace projects, develop education and training materials and increase our worldwide network of Rotarians, Rotaractors, Rotary Peace Fellows and other Rotary program alumni with global partners representing all sectors of society.

We request your participation in our attempt to be successful. Join the Rotary Action Group for Peace today!

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