RAGFP Peacebuilder Clubs Help Expand the Road to Peace

“It is true that the way to war is a well-paved highway and that the way to peace is still a wilderness….”

– Rotary Founder Paul Harris, 1945
Rotarians Wage Peace

Peacebuilder Clubs are a Rotarian movement creating energy and momentum for peaceful conflict resolution around the world. In 2018, our RAGFP Leadership Team decided to champion this program in Rotary Clubs worldwide as an essential call to action for Rotarian peacebuilders.

The Peacebuilder Club program is designed to enhance Rotary International’s mission of, “advancing world understanding, goodwill and peace” through the promotion of programs and projects that align with our organization’s Seven Areas of Focus – in particular, the first: Peace, Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution.

Rotarian Peacebuilder Clubs commit to engage in dialogues and projects that promote positive peace both in their communities and across the globe.




Become an Active Peacebuilder Club

Rotary Action Group for Peace is a strong believer and supporter of Peacebuilder Clubs, which play a vital role in sparking passion and a direction for peace within their own Rotary Clubs, districts and communities. We encourage every club to take action, start a Peacebuilder Club, and contribute to creating a more peaceful world.

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