Three years ago, I penned “I Believe in You,” along with my amazing team, with one purpose in mind – to inspire and motivate. It is a timeless song for anyone that needs a moral boost or just a little nudge to say, “you matter.” After the devastation of Hurricane Dorian in both Abaco and Grand Bahama, it was only fitting that I release ”I Believe in You” with a few tweaks. My fellow country mates needed help but most importantly they needed HOPE. This song is designed to create a sense of hope, strength and assurance in knowing that we, as a nation, will live up to being strong.

My team and I got on the phone with some of the Caribbean’s top artists and created the “We Are the World” of the Caribbean. “I Believe in You” represents solidarity and unity amongst each artist and their willingness to band together to help a brother or sister in need. This song declares not only love of country but the Caribbean at large. Almost every island has experienced the powerful force of mother nature and witnessed firsthand the sheer destruction of natural disasters, but we haven’t seen anything of this magnitude in a while, if ever.

Some lost their homes, their loved ones and some lost their lives. Spirits were broken. I did what I do best – I used my voice to spread love, hope and belief in the fact that “this too shall pass.” I sang words that I knew would help ease the blow, if only for a minute. Music has a way of getting you through, a way of hugging you when arms just won’t do, a way of capturing the essence of your emotion when words cannot.

“I Believe in You” drives awareness to the devastation and tugs at your heart for a call for action to help, assist and give to those in need. Many organizations, including Rotary clubs, donated their time, efforts, money, and energy. I figured I must do my part to spread love, hope and inspiration through my voice. This song is a tribute to the resilience of the Caribbean Spirit in the face of insurmountable odds.

I stand hand in hand, side by side, with my brothers and sisters affected by this storm directly or indirectly and I’m asking my fellow Rotarians to do the same. I’m also grateful for Aliv, which has been a major contributor to this effort by donating time, effort, and energy to ensure the Bahamian people understand we are all supporting them. I pray that this song touches the heart and soul of each person. I hope that my message is heard around the world to drive awareness not only to the devastation of Hurricane Dorian but that the lyrics to “I Believe in You” touches anyone going through anything they feel is too hard to bear.

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By Julien Believe, singer songwriter, entertainer, and member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau.