July 19, 2019, by Institute for Economics and Peace, Published in VisionOfHumanity.org

Just launched: The latest Rotary Positive Peace Academy will equip thousands more Rotarians worldwide with knowledge supported by research to create peace locally and internationally.

With a focus on evidence-based drivers of peace and real world case studies, the free training course supplies Rotarians with material and conceptual strategies to forge peace at the individual and international levels.

The new course offers an enhanced user experience, the latest information on IEP-Rotary initiatives, and greater opportunity to connect with peers.

The Positive Peace framework, empirically derived by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), uses statistical analysis to identify the common characteristics of the world’s most peaceful countries.

“A potent opportunity for Rotarians to seize is presented thanks to the symbiosis of Rotary’s focuses and IEP’s data driven research.” – Reem Ghunaim

Rotary is well-known for its international work building relationships, improving lives, and creating a better world characterised by peace.

Thanks to the partnership between Rotary’s mission and IEP’s data driven research, the academy provides a powerful opportunity for Rotarians.

The Executive Director of the Rotary Action Group for Peace, Reem Ghunaim (pictured below), was one of the first 100 people to test out the training programme when it first launched.

“The training is designed to help Rotarians learn about the Positive Pillars and apply them toward their own Rotary peace projects. A peace project is part of an ecosystem and a bigger systematic global framework.” 

The course will interest people who want to learn about peace, and take action on one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Rotarians all over the world are encouraged to take the course.

Join us as we train Rotarians across the world in the innovative and pioneering exploration of Positive Peace. Sign up here.