July 2, 2019, By Rotary Service and Engagement, Published in Rotary International

Rotary is built on connections. Rotary International provides a way to connect to our communities, to network professionally, and to build strong and lasting relationships. Our membership connects us to a global community through our countless projects and programs. Our service connects us to people who share our values, who want to take action for a better world; it connects us to people we would never otherwise meet, who are more like us than we could have imagined; and it connects us to people who need our help, allowing us to change lives in communities around the world.

In 2019-2020, Rotary is implementing our new strategic plan, responding to the innovative decisions made  at the Council on Legislation, and serving our areas of focus through our avenues of service. But the real work of shaping Rotary’s future lies in our clubs, where our organization must do the most to adapt to today’s changing realities.

RI President Mark Daniel Maloney encourages you to make your clubs warm, welcoming places where service and family go hand in hand, where family-oriented young professionals have the opportunity to embrace Rotary service and model positive civic engagement. During the 2019-2020, President Maloney challenges you to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World by building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service.

Below are just a few ideas of activities you can undertake to honor this year’s theme:

  • Join a discussion group to exchange ideas around a shared topic of interest with fellow members.
  • Create lasting change by supporting club and district initiatives on Rotary Ideas.
  • Inspire others by sharing your service projects on Rotary Showcase.
  • Leverage subject-matter expertise by collaborating with a Rotarian Action Group on a service project or join a group to share your expertise. (Join the Rotarian Action Group For Peace here.)
  • Sponsor a Rotary Community Corps to enhance community engagement and ensure project sustainability.
  • Foster international understanding and meet prospective partners at a Project Fair.
  • Discover new cultures by participating in a Rotary Friendship Exchange.
  • Share your passions with Rotarians around the world by joining a Rotary Fellowship.
  • Work with your district international service chair to find resources and local expertise to help you plan sustainable, successful projects and grants. Find experts in project planning, Rotary’s areas of focus, and Rotary grants in the district resource network.
  • Work with your district community service chair to develop service projects that address needs in your region.
  • Collaborate with Rotary’s service partners on a project.
  • Attend one of five presidential conferences at key United Nations offices around the world. Join Rotary leaders, International officials, friends, and guests as we celebrate our longstanding relationship with the UN and commemorate the organization’s 75th anniversary.

The 2019-20 Rotary Citation will recognize clubs’ array of accomplishments that make a positive difference in their communities related to Rotary’s strategic priorities. Encourage your clubs to work towards the citation’s goals. Follow this blog for inspirational ideas on achieving the humanitarian service goals to qualify for the citation.