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Peace is not just the suspension of war. It is made up of all the solutions that help minimize international tensions: cooperation to fight climate change and resource scarcity, institutions to channel power rivalries and administer global public goods, justice to assuage grievances and frustration, regulation to address inequalities and abuses of power. Discover how peace is linked with global governance at the Paris Peace Forum held in Paris, France on November 11 – 13, 2018.

International cooperation is slowing down. States are competing hard for advantage and populism is undermining global governance. Military expenditures are growing fast while the UN budget is cut. International norms, in particular human rights, are disregarded and international justice is questioned. Globalization suffers from a lack of common standards and regulation. Once a tool of emancipation, the Internet is becoming a jungle dominated by abusive corporations, propagandists and hackers. And we are losing the race against global warming.

The Paris Peace Forum was created to counter these tendencies – and to convene all those among States and civil society that still believe that collective action, multilateralism and the good stewardship of common public goods are our best chance to address common challenges and maintain peace.

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