Better Angels is a national citizens’ movement to reduce political polarization in the United States by bringing liberals and conservatives together to facilitate understanding of each other beyond stereotypes by forming Red/Blue community alliances, by teaching practical skills for communicating across political differences, and by making a strong public argument for depolarization.

We’ve designed several workshops that successfully help “Red” and “Blue” Americans rebuild trust, and to better understand each others’ perspectives.  Our signature “Red/Blue Workshop” brings together seven conservative-leaning participants and seven progressiveleaning participants for moderated activities and discussions that clarify disagreements, reduce stereotyped thinking, and begin building the relationships needed to find common ground. Our “Skills Workshop” teaches practical skills like how to listen more effectively, fostering better conversations with friends and family members with whom you have strong political disagreements.

Please plan to attend these upcoming Better Angels Workshops in the Pacific Northwest or visit for a listing of workshop events in your area.

Better Angels Skills Workshops (all free)