Five Steps To Peace: Instructions for Forming a Peacebuilder Club


Start a Peacebuilder committee in your local Rotary club.


Download and submit our Peacebuilder Club Application. Please email the completed application to [email protected] so your Peacebuilder Club may be officially recognized and pinned on our Peacebuilder Clubs Map. We request a minimum of two Rotarians become RAGFP members to be officially recognized as a RAGFP Peacebuilder Club. RAGFP membership provides access to peace education and resources, and connects your Peacebuilder Club to a global network of Rotarian peacebuilders.


Access RAGFP Peacebuilding Resources including our Peacebuilder Primer and Peacebuilder Club Standards. Access our Peacebuilding Education. Find other important peacebuilding resources in our Peace Library. RAGFP members may send your requests for Peace Library access to [email protected].


Identify and begin a Peace Project. RAGFP Peacebuilder Clubs and members may submit a peace project to be listed on our website at this link. Fund your Project by applying for a Rotary Global Grant. Keep up-to-date with RAGFP projects, initiatives, and information by reading our newsletters. Recruit Rotary Peace Fellows and support the Rotary Peace Centers.


Download and distribute our Peacebuilder Club brochure to other Rotarians. Recruiting new RAGFP members and Peacebuilder Clubs will amplify and enhance the success of your club’s peace projects. Help us add new Peacebuilder Clubs in Rotary districts around the world.