Peace Centers: Rotarian Action Group for Peace

Rotary Peace FellowsRotary International and the Rotary Foundation have made incredible investments in the field of peace and conflict education through the Rotary Peace Centers.

These investments were made with the idea that Rotarians, Clubs and Districts, with access to hundred of thousands of communities worldwide, would be able to draw diverse applicants committed to working in conflict resolution. Although this has happened with the support of many Districts, the program still lacks an amount of applications that would allow the program to thrive.

63 out of 549 Rotary Districts have never submitted a Rotary Peace Fellow candidate. The Rotarian Action Group for Peace seeks to get 100 percent of Rotary Districts worldwide involved in the recruitment of Rotary Peace Fellows.

How can you recruit Peace Fellows in your district?

Rotary members are vital to recruiting qualified candidates. You can help advance peace in troubled areas around the world by promoting peace fellowships and supporting peace fellow candidates through the application process.

Some of the best candidates for Rotary Peace Fellowships are in your community. Here are some ways you can promote fellowships in your area:

  • Make sure your club members are familiar with the Rotary Peace Centers program. The more people there are keeping an eye out for good candidates, the more likely your club is to find one. Give a  about the program to your club, or better yet, invite a peace fellow to speak to your club. Find one by contacting us at .
  • Send a  about Rotary Peace Fellowships to your local media.
  • Meet with community partners. Think about organizations your club already works with, or reach out to like-minded groups or to universities with related programs.
  • Use social media. Announce fellowship opportunities to your friends and professional network on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also follow  and repost interesting photos and stories.

You found interested applicants, now what?

  • Applicants must apply through a Rotary district and may not apply directly to The Rotary Foundation or to a Rotary Peace Center. All applicants must be interviewed and endorsed by a Rotary district. Although interviews and endorsements by individual clubs are not required, they are strongly encouraged.
  • When contacted by prospective applicants, district officers should inform applicants of the district’s application submission deadline of 31 May. A district officer may choose to refer the prospective applicant to the appropriate club for assistance with the application process and for optional club endorsement.
  •  Click here for the full Rotary Peace Centers Program Guide for Rotarians with additional information on how to continue with candidates.


Application and Endorsement Timeline: The Year Before the Program

December- FebruaryDistricts and clubs begin to promote the program to recruit well-qualified candidates. Promotional materials can be ordered online at

Talk with candidates to learn more about their background and which of the programs they are interested in, and direct them to the electronic application available at /peace-fellowships to ensure that they understand all of the steps of the application process.
March-MayClubs (1) interview and select candidates and submit their club-endorsed applications to the district by 31 May or (2) simply forward their applications to the district by 31 May.

Districts recruit potential applicants and receive applications.
March-MayDistricts form a committee to interview candidates and determine eligibility. Districts submit the District Interview and Endorsement Form (appendix B) for each qualified applicant by
1 July. Districts must notify applicants of their endorsement decisions by 1 July.
July-OctoberThe Rotary Peace Centers Committee, composed of appointed Rotarians and university representatives, screens applications and selects fellowship finalists.
NovemberDistricts and their candidates are notified of the results. Finalists then apply to the university for acceptance.
For more information on Peace Fellow recruitment, look below:

Rotary Peace Fellow Recruitment Information

District and Global Grants Scholarships

Find a Peace Fellow near you! If there is a Peace Fellow in your area, you can contact them through Mike Pfriem, the Alumni Relations Specialist for Peace Studies at The Rotary Foundation: [email protected].

The Rotary Peace Fellowship deadline is 1 July of each year. If your district requires an extension, please contact [email protected].