About the Turkish Virtual Peace Conference 2020

Turkey, located in Eastern Europe, Western Asia, the Balkans, and the Middle East is a region of the world which has no shortage of conflict and political tensions.

Permanent peace is very much needed in this region.  However, most see the formation of this lasting peace as being only the duty and responsibility of politicians, public institutions, or those who direct politics.  Peace is not just the absence of conflict or the silencing of weapons, it is also about non-gender discrimination, racial or religious discrimination, domestic violence, equal opportunities, justice for all, access to accurate information, technology, education and health and welfare services.  Peace too is about ethical business practice without corruption, protection of the environment, equality, diversity, inclusiveness but above all, real hope to be realized.

There is much which can be done towards achieving lasting peace.  The ‘positive peace’ approach adopted by Rotary supports all of the above.

The Turkish Virtual Peace Conference will take the opportunity of discussing and working with experts, which will further enable each individual to contribute to world peace.  Another aim of the Conference is to mobilize young people to become the Peace Ambassadors of today and tomorrow.  In doing this, they will raise up new generations who will further sow the seeds and ideas for developing new projects for peace.

This Conference will inform the participants about:

  • What can be done as individuals to create a more peaceful world

  • How we can resolve conflicts and disputes without resorting to violence

  • How we can develop the language of peace in our homes and family lives

  • What the concept of ‘Positive Peace’ is based upon and how it differs from ‘Negative Peace’

  • Provision of examples form peace education in Turkey

  • Rotary’s contribution to young people working for peace

  • Rotary’s contribution to the role of women

  • The work of the Rotary Peace Centres and Peace Fellows

  • The work of the Rotary Action Group for Peace

  • Peace Projects within Rotary

  • An opportunity for interaction with institutions, academics, Peace Fellows and others through workshops and panels.

  • Last but not least, Conference delegates will learn more about peace, gain insights into possible peace projects, development networks and friendships, share knowledge and ideas, and have much fun whilst being inspired to ‘be the change that they want to see in the world’.