Together for Peace has been a priority welcome uplifting part of my wife Brenda and my virtual schedule of learning during the pandemic. Why? Because of the high quality of the guest interviewees and Reem’s warmth, genuine interest, excellent preparation, and empathy. She has the gift of bringing out intimate details from interesting guests that are at the core of the unique achievements of each individual she interviews. The outcome of each interview is a deep appreciation for the deep sharing that takes place. It is as if I am a listener to a private conversation between people who like, trust, and respect each other enough to speak intimate truths and make themselves vulnerable by doing so. To create such an atmosphere in an interview is special.

I have got to know better every person interviewed and appreciate the essential common goodness of exceptional people. It enhances my own interview skills as a lawyer, mediator, and peace builder. Until you really know someone you cannot help them optimally to resolve the challenges they seek help to address effectively.

My wife and I have as Rotarians in Winnipeg been committed through Rotary D5550 World Peace Partners, Rotary Club of Winnipeg Peace Builder Committee, and Honouring Indigenous Peoples to serving the global human family local to regional to national to international to understand and get along with each other without violence.

In Rotary language, we are committed to advancing towards positive peace through peace literacy education and actions. Our team of Rotarians and Friends and allies and institutions and NGOs know this is a journey requiring relentless enduring commitment and lots of hard work.

We focus on truth and justice without fear or need to be popular. This means we challenge the harmful norms of the past and the present, and daily seek to address the arrogance and ignorance, oppression, violence, greed, and abuses of power by those in power and control who are serving the interests of a few at the expense and harm of many. Our priorities are the urgent existential threats and risks of nuclear weapons,  climate change, and failed states and an inadequate world order for global issues that have no boundaries and affect every human on earth and life itself for our species. The last 5000+years have led us to where we are today. Perhaps the answers about how to save us from self-destruction lie in the resilient experience of Indigenous Peoples including the slaves from Africa and Asian ancestors who were never colonized who left colonizer humans a healthy planet without weapons of mass destruction.

David G. Newman, Q.C.

Rotarian, Advocate, Peace Builder