It’s time to add a new Rotary Area of Focus. Help the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG) tell Rotary International Trustees to add “Ensuring Environmental Sustainability” to Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus. Because all life on Earth relies on the health of our environment, the RAGFP supports ESRAG’s position that Rotarians cannot fully serve humanity and peace if Rotary does not also focus on the wellbeing of the planet.

RAGFP friends, members, and Peacebuilder Clubs are invited to complete this survey by January 31, 2020 by Midnight US CST, to help guide the Environmental Issues Taskforce as  to add the Environment as an Area of Focus. Read ESRAG’s Green Position Paper on Adding Environmental as an Area of Focus to provide context for your answers on the survey.  Help shape Rotary’s future today by sharing the survey with your friends, fellow Rotarians, and collegues.

Let’s Wage Peace through planetary health.