Rotary Reconnect Week takes place October 7-13, and it’s time to celebrate.

This week is an internationally celebrated time on the Rotary calendar dedicated to renew and build past Rotary program participants and Rotarians. Past program participants who have lost thier active connection to Rotary can refresh their ties by visiting club meetings, helping with projects, and engaging online. By doing so, they can experience again how Rotary reshapes lives locally and globally. Is there an alumni association in your district? Can alumni engage in a club service project? Can you take an alumni out for coffee? This is your time to help program alumni renew their connection to Rotary.

Ways to Celebrate

Service Ideas:

  • Organize a service project that involves local alumni sometime during or near the dates of Reconnect Week, October 7-13.
  • Provide an opportunity to do a joint service project with an alumni association.
  • Plan a Rotary Foundation fundrasier and invite alumni to contribute for Alumni Day of Giving on October 9th, 2019.

Fellowship Ideas: 

  • Host a Reconnect Week event that welcomes alumni and Roarians to interact with each other, such as a dinner or gathering.
  • Invite an alum out to coffee to catch up.
  • Ask alumni to speak at your next club meeting or district conference
  • Organize an infomational session about your club for alumni to learn more about Rotary

Celebrate Online:

  • Host an online part with alumni using a video conference tool like Skype or Zoom
  • Recognise the achievements of alumni from your club or district and share their story.
  • Invite alumni to share “how Rotary has influenced me” in a 30 second clip on social media about their experience and how it has impacted them.
  • Use the #ROTARYRECONNECT hashtag on social media to tag all of your posts about Rotary alumni leading up to and during your event.

Who are Rotary Alumni?

Anyone who has participated in a Rotary-sponsored program are considered alumni of Rotary. That includes programs such as Roteract, Interact, Youth Exchange, Group Study Exchange, scholarships, Rotary Peace Fellowships, and many more regional programs. Learn more about Rotary alumni here.