By Summer Lewis, February 22, 2019, Published in Rotary International

When you think about peace, do you think about actions, like how peace is lived and practiced? Are you seeing images of violence and war and thinking peace is the “opposite” of that?

Actually, there is no one right way to define peace. There are many ways to work towards it.

That’s why Rotary has partnered with the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) to lead the conversation to define what peace is(and isn’t), how peace is measured, and how peace is practiced. IEP is an independent think tank and leader in the study of peace and conflict, dedicated to providing research and tools to help shift the paradigm of peace by making it a tangible and concrete measure of human well-being and progress.

The Rotary-IEP Partnership provides the perfect opportunity to combine Rotary’s mission to promote peace and goodwill in the world with Rotarians’ dedication to service. The partnership offers activities and tools for the Rotary family to foster peace locally and internationally.

So how can you put peace into action in your club and community?

Lesly Martinez Villanueva from San Antonio, Tolima. Pictured at the first regional Positive Peace Workshop in Ibagué, Colombia.

1. Join the Rotary Positive Peace Academy

The Academy is a free online training course that provides knowledge, skills, and tools to better understand and promote peace in your community and area of influence. Through the Academy’s four training modules, learn about IEP and how to measure peace, understand the Positive Peace framework, and gain concrete ways to engage in Rotary’s peace work. The Academy takes approximately four hours total to complete, and you can work through it at your own pace.

Sign up for the Rotary Positive Peace Academy here!

2. Start a conversation about Positive Peace in your club and community

A  toolkit for bringing together Rotarians and local peacebuilders to discuss = practical peace investments that can be made in your community. To facilitate that discussion, download the PowerPoint presentation and facilitation guide for your Rotary club meetings or district conferences::

3. Host a Positive Peace Workshop – coming soon

Equip young leaders with the knowledge they need to build and sustain peace in their communities by hosting Positive Peace Workshops. Held by local Rotary clubs and districts using funding provided by The Rotary Foundation Global Grants, these workshops connect participants with concrete opportunities for action. A curriculum and guide will be available in mid-2019 based on workshops taking place currently in Mexico and Colombia .

In the meantime, if you’d like to explore options for hosting your own Positive Peace Workshop, please contact me.

2019 Colombia Regional Positive Peace Workshops (February – May 2019)

Positive Peace Workshops participants in Mexico use a diagnostic mapping tool developed by PartnersGlobal before the workshop. This tool is implemented by Rotaractors involved in planning the workshop to ensure that the most promising and influential young leaders are selected to attend.