The World Peace Forum
The World Peace Forum is a platform for dialogue and exchange, established by the Schengen Peace Foundation in 2007. The World Peace Forum strives to be a global platform for people from different horizons to exchange ideas and find ways to help promote peace efforts undertaken by peace activist, small and large organizations.

This year, we’re collaborating with the 1st Toronto World Leadership Forum held from the 20th – 21st of April in Toronto, Canada. The Forum aims to strengthen the potential of future leaders and to be a leading global movement for prosperity through peace. For all these reasons and because we share many values, this year’s WPF theme is Leadership for Peace.

Every year, the World Peace Forum gathers scholars and students, peace activists and executives, journalists, religious leaders, politicians and artists from all corners of the globe to participate in the dialogue of Peace! 

World Peace Forum 2018 features panels, workshops, and networking with Peace Advocates.

The Forum
We are setting up an NGO Market for all participants from all NGOs, associations and Foundations to display all of their information, actions and achievements. You are most welcome to participate! You can also participate, by moderating a workshop. A workshop is a tool for exchanging ideas and experiences. You can make a 25-30 minutes presentation and then have 20-15 minutes answering questions (total 45 minutes). (Ask For Availability.) 

Or you can also participate by presenting an art exhibition embracing the idea of peace.

Visit for more information and registration.