H.E. Ban Ki-moon, the former UN Secretary General, addressed the latest developments in the North-South Korean negotiations at the Business and Peace symposium in Seoul, the day before the Winter Paralympics began.

The Symposium included business, political and academic leaders from around the world who discussed themes including religious nondiscrimination and inclusion in the workplace. With his high-profile commitment to business and peace, His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, as well as providing his expert insight into the tense situation on the Korean peninsular, also spoke about how business is a powerful force supporting interfaith understanding and peace.

Top South Korean government leaders welcomed a delegation from the symposium at the National Assembly. “Korean support for this event is tremendous,” said Brian Grim, international organizer and President of the Religious freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF). “This shows the initiative’s timely contribution to peace, held at this time of heightened tensions and in tandem with the Olympics.”

A main focus of the event was the presentation of the Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards, given to CEOs worldwide for their promotion of peace through interfaith knowledge and action.  Al Jubitz, co-founder of Rotarian Action Group For Peace, is among the distinguished world business leaders who received a 2018 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Award.

Mr. Al Jubitz, Founder & former President of DAT Services, co-founded the Rotarian Action Group For Peace with members in 71 countries. The Action Group works with Rotary International to develop and support peace projects around the world to enhance and enrich lives of people from all walks of life, races, cultures and religions. Rotary International has raised over $142 million for peacebuilding missions.

Al believes that Rotary is uniquely capable of turning the world toward nonviolent conflict resolution, ultimately leading to a world beyond war.

RAGFP Board Member David Newman and his wife Brenda were present at the Symposium, and David accepted the Global Business and Interfaith Peace Award on behalf of Mr. Jubitz.

David also attended the session on North-South Korea negotiations and diplomacy. “I offered Rotarian support and improved some language in a diplomat drafted declaration about peace talks,” he said. “Brenda and I are really enjoying the hotel, the city and its people. We have been treated well and generously by everyone we meet.” This included Secretary General of the National Assembly Kim Sung-gon, Korean dignitaries, world business leaders, and NGO representatives.

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