We cannot hope peace for tomorrow unless we learn from yesterday.  So we have been helping the students at Glendale Unified School District learn about the historical events such as Hiroshima and the Japanese American internment during WWII, so they understand how dramatically common people’s lives change because of war, how important peace is and how they may take an action toward peace building.

So far we have donated more than 300 books on peace, taken the students to the Japanese American National Museum, presented Survivor Ginkgo trees from Hiroshima as a symbol of peace, and held several school assemblies with a Hiroshima survivor and the Japanese American internees.  The students are currently working on their peace projects, some of whom will be presenting the peace projects at our Peace Conference.  Others will participate in the Peace Speech Contest during the Peace Conference, winner of which we plan to send to Hiroshima with 1,000 paper cranes, another symbol of peace.

We have also invited peace builders to speak at the Peace Conference, including the Rotary Peace Fellow Captain D F Pace from Philadelphia Police Department who was featured in the 2017 Feb. issue of the Rotarian magazine, immediate past president of Amnesty International USA, co-founder of Challenge Day compassion evoking program for middle school and high school students, and Peace Leadership Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

This is part of a year-long Global Grant Project, “Peace Educational Project” at Glendale Unified School District.  Thanks to the Grant, this Peace Conference is FREE and OPEN to ALL.