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This is the first in a series of dispatches from David G. Newman, who attended the recent Rotary World Peace Conference 2016 in Ontario, California.

The first Rotary Club to meet outside USA was the Rotary Club of Winnipeg in November, 1910. More than a century later, Winnipeg again leads the way, this time with the Rotary World Peace effort.

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Canadian Museum for Human Rights. / DOUG KRETCHMER

When Israel Asper articulated his vision for a Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, it inspired Cam King and me, David G. Newman, Q.C., to champion the creation of Rotary International District 5550 World Peace PartnersCommittee in November of 2003.

It’s purpose: advance understanding, goodwill, peace and compassionate action in a good way.

The vision was to do it here, starting in Winnipeg, the heart of the Rotary District consisting of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario; facilitating by example and inspiring Positive Peace communities worldwide through the actions of Rotarians in 35,000 clubs and 535 Districts around the world.

For the last 12 years this has been the work of Rotary World Peace Partners. Much progress has been made.

Winnipeg is now identified by a growing number of Rotarians internationally as a leading example of how to build a peace community.


Rotary World Peace Partners has been represented at numerous Rotary meetings locally, regionally and internationally to present on the activities emerging from Winnipeg. The Recent Rotary Peace Conference 2016 in Ontario, CA, was another of those opportunities as it was in perfect alignment with aspirations articulated locally.

The stories to be published in the days ahead on CNC are part of the process of advancing Positive Peace in Winnipeg. They are inspired by the organizers and presenters to this peace conference that my Rotarian wife and I attended. They were meant to be shared in Winnipeg, the heart of the continent and the home of the CMHR.

Cover photo by Sangeetha Nair

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