By Christopher Dawson, September 16, 2015, published in CNN

More than 2 million Syrians have fled their country

[at the time this article was published. Currently, the number is estimated to be over 3 million] according to the United Nations refugee agency. With nowhere to go and often with just the clothes on their backs, many end up in refugee camps that are both overcrowded and overwhelmed. Many organizations are offering supplies, shelter and medical care for the people displaced by the crisis and you can help.

Doctors Without Borders is providing direct medical aid in six hospitals and four health centers inside Syria. They are also sending medical supplies, equipment and support to the medical networks throughout Syria that they cannot access themselves. They accept donations online, and you can earmark your gift for Syria by calling 1-888-392-0392.

World Vision is helping in Lebanon with projects to give refugees access to clean water and sanitation. They are also in Jordan, providing basic emergency supplies, water, sanitation, and education for refugees. In Syria, they are delivering water and health services. You can support them with an online donation or by calling 1-800-562-4453.

CARE is operating four refugee centers in Jordan, and is helping refugees there with cash assistance for rent and food. In Lebanon they are helping refugees get access to clean water. They are also working inside Syria, providing emergency supplies for families, psychosocial support for children and emergency medical equipment and support for women. You can support their efforts with an online donation or by donating by phone at 1-800-521-CARE.

Catholic Relief Services is providing aid throughout the region. This includes urgent medical assistance, education and trauma counseling for children, and household supplies including soap and water purifiers. You can donate online where you can specify “Syria relief” in the special request form. You can also donate by phone at 1-877-435-7277.

Concern Worldwide is working to meet the water, sanitation and hygiene needs for refugees in Lebanon and for many still in Syria. You can donate online or call them at 1-800-59-CONCERN.

In August, the World Food Programme provided food to more than 2 million people inside Syria. They have also fed more than 1 million Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey. Their hope is to provide food assistance to 6 and a half million Syrians by the end of the year. You can help them achieve this goal with an online donation.

Islamic Relief USA is providing food parcels, housing essentials and medical supplies for those displaced inside Syria and the refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. To help these efforts, select “Syrian Humanitarian Aid” as the designation on the donation page.

International Medical Corps is providing health care and psychosocial services for Syrian refugees with static and mobile clinics at refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. They are also offering medical support to the hospitals and medical facilities in these countries handling refugee care. You can support their work, by donating online or by calling 310-826-7800.

International Orthodox Christian Charities is helping families inside Syria and the refugees that are now living in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Armenia. They are providing emergency aid, including critical food aid, personal hygiene supplies and medicine. They are also offering pre-natal and post-natal care for infants and infant nutrition programs. You can help by donating online to their International Emergency Response Fund, or by calling 1-877-803-IOCC. You can also assemble personal hygiene kits for the displaced families.

International Rescue Committee is helping refugees inside Syria and in the bordering countries with medical and emergency supplies. In refugee camps they are providing water, sanitation and education services. They are also offering counseling, safety and support for women and girls at risk. You can help by donating online or by phone at 1-855-9RESCUE.

Life for Relief and Development is helping refugee families living in tent camps and temporary housing with food and home essentials including hygiene kits, bedding and kitchen utensils. They have created the Syrian Refugees Emergency Campaign where you can donate online.

Mercy-USA is supporting displaced children and families inside Syria with food baskets, infant formula and blankets. They are also providing daily fresh bread for more than 1,500 refugee families in Lebanon, and operate a mobile health clinic for those in need. To support their work, select “Syrian Humanitarian Relief” as your gift designation on their online donation form, or call 1-800-556-3729.

Mercy Corps is providing shelter, housing supplies and water for refugee camps. They are also focused on helping the children at these camps, with safe spaces, playgrounds, psychosocial support and storytelling workshops. You can support their efforts by donating online or by phone at 1-888-747-7440.

Shelterbox has provided tented shelters and other vital equipment, including kitchen sets, blankets, water purification systems and classroom supplies to more than 4,500 refugee families in Syria and the surrounding countries. In the coming months they plan to support another 5,000 families, and you can help them with an online donation or by texting SHELTER to 20222 to make a $10 donation.

Save the Children is helping the children in this crisis with temporary learning facilities, child friendly spaces and programs to help them cope with their trauma. They are also providing necessities like food, blankets and clothing to refugee families. You can support their Syria Children in Crisis fund by donating online or by calling 1-800-728-3843.

The UNHCR is providing shelter, protection and assistance to refugees in Syria and around the world. You can help them provide tents, kitchens, stoves and sleeping mats by donating online or by calling 1-800-770-1100.

War Child UK is helping Syrian refugees in Lebanon, providing child friendly spaces and temporary schools. You can make a donation online to their Children of Syria appeal. You can also change the currency to dollars or euros on the payment page.

UNICEF is providing food, water, clothing and critical immunizations for children in Syria and the refugees in the bordering countries. They are also offering counseling for children and have launched a Back to Learning campaign for the region. You can help with an online donation or by calling 1-800-FOR-KIDS.

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