An ALLMEP update on building Middle East cooperation, coexistence, and peace. April, 14th 2015

Next week, ALLMEP will be holding a Congressional briefing for its member, the Near East Foundation on their groundbreaking program, ‘Olive Oil without Borders.’

Please find the invite for the event below.

The Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) presents:

Olive Oil without Borders
How to Turn $1 Million into a $20 Million Return through Peace-BuildingTuesday April 21st 2015
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
U.S. Capitol Visitor Center
Congressional Meeting Room South (CVC-217)
Capitol Hill
Washington, DC

Come and hear from Charlie Benjamin, the President of the Near East Foundation, on its flagship project, Olive Oil Without Borders. Having worked in the Middle East for 100 years, the Near East Foundation is one of the nation’s oldest development organizations.

While working in the West Bank, they saw an opportunity: a significant over-capacity of olive oil produced in the West Bank and a significant under-capacity of olive oil in the Israeli market.  Yet, given the years of mistrust and conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, there was no ability for the communities to trade.

With a $1 million grant from the USAID Conflict Management and Mitigation program, Olive Oil Without Borders created relationships between Israeli and Palestinian olive oil farmers to increase income, profitability, cross-border trade, and trust among Palestinian and Israeli olive oil producers. The program helped facilitate a cross-border trade agreement resulting in the sale of 3,600 metric tons of olive oil and leading to increased economic collaboration between Israelis and Palestinians valued at $20 million.

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