“Morning Edition,” National Public Radio, February 12, 2015

Social scientists recently analyzed the effects of removing Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank. They found it markedly reduced anti-Israel sentiment, and actual acts of violence against Israel.

It is great to see how research is continuously coming up which confirms several of the approaches advocated in our field. Some seem so obvious, but without having scientific evidence it can be put off as “just some more peace talk.”

 Listen to this interview on NPR about a study which found that removing checkpoints could make Israelis more secure.

If you take a look at the study, you’ll see very typical social scientific approaches. This where a need to “translate” such findings arises: if people are allowed to move freely they will not be angry and don’t want to hurt you (the Palestinian perspective); if people are not angry at you and don’t want to hurt you, I will treat them better (Israeli perspective) – just imagine this kind of positive cycle.

Listen to the interview on NPR here.