By Loucas Charalambous

December 21, 2013: YESTERDAY was the 50th anniversary of the blackest day in the modern history of Cyprus.

If we Greek Cypriots realised the role the events of December 21, 1963, played in our history, every year on this day we should go to the moat that surrounds the Venetian wall in Nicosia (which we should have re-named ‘wall of tears’) and hit our head on it, just like the members of the Jewish faith do at the ruins of the temple of Solomon.

There is no similar event in the history of any other country. On that day, the head of state, using an irregular and illegal army he set up and armed, launched an attack on his own state and destroyed it. In the space of a few hours he had split it into two parts.

This article on Cyprus was submitted by a Rotarian Action Group for Peace member. It is moving and informative – we encourage you to read the article and comment.

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