soft as water is a book of 52 meditations on peace—peace within ourselves, peace in our relationships, and peace in our world.  Each meditation consists of a one-page reading followed by a brief commentary.  The readings are excerpts taken from many voices and sources—movies and memoirs, novels and history, folk tales and anecdote.  The commentaries are by Charles P. Busch.

Rev. Busch, is the founder of Peace Village Inc. and Fields of Peace.  He is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and a former U.S. Marine and corporate executive.  He was educated at Trinity University and Harvard University, and lives with his family in Eugene, Oregon.

“In an era of rising polarizations and extremism, Busch’s narratives of reflection and meditation offer the reader spiritual and intellectual signposts of peace, hope and edification.  His timely work, soft as water, is a gift to be shared with all who strive for a world more peaceful, more just and more humane.”           

— Harry Anastasiou, Ph.D., RAGFP Co-founder and Director of Conflict Resolution Program Portland State University.

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