Use the interactive “Rotary Day at the UN 30 Mins Drive Polygon Map” to aid your itinerary during Rotary Day at the United Nations. The event will be held Saturday, November 11th, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Learn More

Do you want to locate Rotary Peace Fellows near the event? Are you searching for a Rotary Club to visit while in Geneva? The map shows Rotary peace entities within a 30 minute drive of the UN Headquarters.

Guide to Using the Map:

  1. Open Tools “wrench symbol” on the upper left of the map.
  2. Choose your tool.

The Filter Tool

  • The map appears with markers locating all Rotarian peace resources within the 30 mins drive polygon.
  • The polygon shows 25 markers representing 3 separate peace entities. Use the filter tool to narrow your search. Looking for a Rotary Peace Fellow within the polygon? Just click the entity type: “Rotary Peace Fellow.” 

The Radius/Proximity Tool

  • Create your own Geneva event radius.
  • For “Drive Time Polygon” enter a starting location and enter any desired travel time. You can choose to search a radius that is less or more than 30 minutes.
  • The Drive Time Polygon shows resources within travel time. The “Distance Radius” shows  proximity of resources within miles.

The Routing/Directions Tool

  • Create your own directions to help you navigate to your peace destination.
  • Enter your starting location and destination. Click “Get Directions.” You may also “Optimize Route.”
  • The fastest route to your destination will appear on the map, with printable step by step directions.  

The Location Finder/Search Tools

  • The Location Finder is among the 5 icons on the upper right of the Map. Plan your itinerary using the Location Finder.
  • Enter your current location and the map will show the nearest peace entity to you. Identify the peace entities that are close to one another to visit multiple destinations at once.
  • Check out the other tools which include a “Location List”  “Search,” and “Satellite View.” You may also download or export images from the map using “Export Map Image.”

We wish you fun peace adventures and an enjoyable time at Rotary Day at the UN!