By Udo Jude ILO, June 2, 2015, published in AllAfrica

May 29, 2015 stood out as one of the most important dates in Nigeria’s history. For many, it was Nigeria’s epiphany.

For the first time since Nigeria’s independence in 1960, an opposition party is took over government through the ballot. Never had a ruling party lost election at the federal level in Nigeria. The event redefined Nigeria’s political landscape; it reinforced the primacy of the citizen’s ballot and showcases Nigeria as a maturing democracy.

Nigerians did not only see this date as a seismic change in politics but a beginning of a genuine development and emancipation of its people from poverty, corruption and insecurity. The only change that matters to Nigerians at this point is a change that transforms the nation’s immense natural resources into a better life for its citizens; a change from dictatorial to accountable democracy; a change from impunity to the rule of law and a change that recognizes the sovereign power of the office of the citizen.

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