Rotary Peace Fellow & Rotary Alumni: Rotarian Action Group for Peace

Welcome to the our friends in the peace community!

In 2012, the Rotarian Action Group for Peace was founded to empower and support the peace work of Rotarians worldwide.

In 2013, Rotary International reorganized its service work around six areas of focus – and the first of those is peace.

In 2014 the Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees decided to allow all Rotary Program Alumni to join Rotarian Action Groups.

In 2015, the Rotarian Action Group for Peace database was used to launch an interactive mapping system specifically designed to connect Rotarians, Rotary Peace Fellows and peace-minded individuals with organizations like yours. It is a dynamic interface providing a way to identify projects, partners and experts in the field of conflict resolution and peace. Ultimately, we hope to create a system that enables Rotarians and peace-focused organizations to jointly design and/or implement peace projects around the world.

Please register here to become a Rotarian Action Group for Peace Affiliate Organization, and you will be featured on an interactive map that shows the location and contact information for you, or your organization.

Create a user profile here: 

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