The Peace Science Digest

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Dear Members of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace, Rotarians, Rotary Peace Fellows, and Rotaractors,

By being a Rotarian, or affiliated with Rotary, you are someone who aims to advance international understanding, goodwill, and peace. Through the Four-Way Test you take an ethical approach to truth, fairness, building goodwill and friendship, and seeking a beneficial outcome for all. Rotary Peace Centers have trained over 1000 fellows for careers in peacebuilding. The Rotarian Action Group for Peace provides an official entity that empowers and supports the peace work of Rotarians by offering structure, guidance and resources to further Rotary’s peace efforts. We are grateful for you! Peace is in Rotary’s DNA!

We at the Rotarian Action Group For Peace also strive to advance positive peace. One approach is to do so by providing Rotarians access to quality and up-to-date information on current peace trends around the world. It’s why we make the Peace Science Digest available through our platform. The Peace Science Digest is a tool that helps to inform Rotarians about hot topics in peace and conflict research, and the different approaches to minimize destructive conflict and advance peace. We believe that when Rotarians read the Peace Science Digest, their ability to lead actions of positive peace will be even stronger. Peace Science is vital to world peace but much of it goes unseen because of its jargon and complicated illustrations – it becomes hard to read. The Peace Science Digest helps bridge the gap between Peace Science and peace practitioners, such as Rotarians, by making Peace Science easy to read and understand.

Rotarian peacebuilders and RAGFP members are people of substance and highly developed critical thinking awareness to the issues of our day. The Peace Science Digest is an affiliate partner of RAGFP, produced by the War Prevention Initiative. It is designed to synthesize Peace Science into practical and useful information. We are happy to make Peace Science Digest, and all our many peacebuilding resources available to Rotarians who wish to see the world through not only clear eyes, but with a heart for world peace. It is simply another tool to help all Rotarians “Go wage peace.”

Join us to provide Rotarian peacebuilders effective resources for positive peace action around the world.

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