1. Set up meeting to find out the history of Rotary Peace Fellow recruitment in your Club and District.
  2. Make sure your club members are familiar with the Rotary Peace Centers program. The more people keeping an eye out for good candidates, the more likely you are to find one.
  3. Give a presentation about the program to your club or better yet, invite a peace fellow to speak to your club. Find one by using this map or by contacting:  [email protected]
  4. Send a press release about Rotary Peace Fellowships to your local media.
  5. Meet with community partners. Think about organizations your club already works with, or reach out to like-minded groups or universities with related programs.
  6. Use social media. Announce fellowship opportunities to your friends and professional network on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also follow Rotary Peace Centers on Facebook and repost interesting photos and stories.
  7. You can download or order publications from The Rotary Foundation to have available for Club and District meetings.
  8. Join a Q & A – The Rotarian Action Group for Peace will host question and answer forums with past and present Rotary Peace Fellows. The format will be an online chat, with video or text options available. Check back here for next scheduled chat.