Rotary Peace Fellowships are provided by The Rotary Foundation to fund either master’s degree or professional development certificate study at one of the six Rotary Peace Centers. Rotarians, Clubs and Districts support the Rotary Peace Centers through their gifts to The Rotary Foundation.

1. Rotary Districts can now nominate more than one Rotary Peace Fellow per year.

2. Rotary Peace Fellow applicants are not required to reside in your district.

  • They can be from your district and living locally or away.
  • They can be from other parts of the world. Rotarians are connected with people from other parts of the world through service, professional and education networks, and this can expand our recruitment ability greatly!
  • Candidates who have experienced living in a conflict zone are especially encouraged apply.

3. Rotary Peace Fellow recruitment is managed by the Rotary Foundation.

  • Beginning this Rotary Year, your district Rotary Foundation Chair can choose to have an optional position in the district leadership structure called the Rotary Peace Fellowship Subcommittee Chair.
  • The Rotary Peace Fellowship Subcommittee Chair will be supported by Rotary International staff with mailings, information, Powerpoint presentations and other resources.
  • If your district does not have this position, we encourage you to work with your DG  and Rotary Foundation Chair to get it in place!

4. All Districts are eligible and encouraged to nominate Rotary Peace Fellow candidates.

  • Districts do not fund these fellowships individually.
  • No district matching funds are required.

5. Applications are available online on the Rotary site.

  • Applicants need to fill out the current year application as the application is subject to minor changes each year.

Please note:
Sometimes a candidate who applies for one type of fellowship or grant will be better suited for the other one – Rotary Clubs and Districts are encouraged to have regular and open communication on their respective applicants.

Recruitment Resources

Check list for involving your Club in Rotary Peace Fellow recruitment