NewGen Peacebuilders is a youth peace education program designed for high school and university students (14 to 25). It draws on principles of peace education familiar to Rotary Peace Fellows as well as best practices in peace and global education for youth. The program was designed by Rotary Peace Fellow Patricia Shafer (US) with collaboration and input from Rotary Peace Fellows Phill Gittins (UK), Carla Lineback (US) and Pranisa Ekachote (Thailand). One of the key elements/outcomes of this youth peace education program is a team peace education project that youth complete. These projects have spanned education inequality, poverty, domestic violence, international/cultural bridgebuilding and peace conference planning and management. The program content is global/universal in nature, but also adapted/adaptable to local language, issues and cultural circumstances.

Curriculum/programs objective and outcomes:
  • Create a common understanding of universal drivers of conflict and peace
  • Explore foundations and frameworks of peace as well as individual and team capacity building for peace
  • Empower youth as informed peacebuilders able to use specific tools and approaches to analyze conflict, create a theory of change, and execute a successful peace project
  • Deliver an experience that facilitates young people, especially members of Interact and Rotary Clubs to be effective, long-term peacebuilders within civil society.
The curriculum/ program is designed to be implemented:
  • After school program
  • Retreat/Camp
  • Independently
This curriculum/program primarily focuses on: 
  • Anger Management
  • Anti-Bullying / Positive Environment Education
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cultural Competency
  • Environmental Education
  • Gender & Race Equality
  • Human Rights
  • Mediation & Negotiation
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Peace, nonviolence, conflict transformation
  • Peacebuilding
  • Social & Economic Justice
  • This program is primarily a peacebuilding framework and instruction that covers a variety of elements (all that are checked) during the course of the workshop, dialogue, discussion, exercises and peace action project.
 Group size that works best for the curriculum/program?
  • Large classroom (20-30 people)
  • This program is best offered to a minimum of 15 students, with an ideal of 25 to 30. However, it can also be offered in a large group, conference workshop style to 100+ so long as there are sufficient facilitators.
 What year was the curriculum/program developed? 
  • 01/01/2013
Has the curriculum/program been piloted or taught/facilitated?
  • The program was taught and facilitated in the US and Bolivia in 2013 and 2014. It is anticipated that it will be taught and facilitated in the US, Bolivia, Mexico, South Sudan, Ghana and Thailand in 2015-16. Inquiries are welcome from around the world, with special interest in the US, South America and Africa.
Age range the curriculum/program is aimed towards:
  • Secondary School or Highschool (9-12)
  • University Students – Undergraduate
Time frame of instruction: 
  • The program is available for delivery in two formats. One format spans 10 to 12 weeks based on a structure of three workshops of 2 days (Structures – Foundations of Peace), 1 to 2 days (Projects – Peace Project Management) and 2 days (Individual Capacities – My Role as a Peacebuilder). This format has interim exercises and check-ins. The format includes completion of a peace project. The alternative format is 4 to 5 days of intensive workshop with a follow-on peace project completed over 10 to 12 weeks.
 Language of instruction/curriculum: 
  • English
  • Spanish
Monetary Program Fee?
  • The cost of the program depends on location, number of participants and format. For more information and to discuss these details, contact: [email protected]
 Instruction qualifications
  • Trained volunteer
  • Community member
  • Certified educator
  • This program is designed to be facilitated by Rotary Peace Fellows that have been trained in the program content and co-facilitated by educators and community members experienced with youth education and conflict programs. It is not restricted, but it can be desirable, that key participants in the program come from Interact, Rotaract and or other youth service clubs that are accustomed to working in teams.
 Curriculum Contact Person if Rotarians wish to know more:
  • NewGen Peacebuilders
  • Organization: Mothering Across Continents
  • URL Address of Organization: www.motheringacrosscontinents
  • Email Address: [email protected]