Ann_FrischAnn Frisch, Ph.D

Rotary Peace Fellow Integration Committee Chair

Rotary Club of St. Paul, Minnesota

District 5960

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My interest in being a Board member of Rotarian Action Group for Peace is in promoting the active presence and nonpartisan involvement of Rotarians in civilian based peace processes responding to armed conflict in their own communities, as well as encouraging Rotarians to support human rights defenders and to do conflict sensitive development.

My work in coordinating the first District Grant to train Rotarians in the armed conflict in Southern Thailand was greatly facilitated by members of Rotarian Action Group for Peace. I am very much interested in further deepening that work; and in building models for other Rotarians to do nonviolent, nonpartisan and grassroots based peacemaking. My presentation at the upcoming Rotary International Convention in Sao Paulo with RAGFP Members Brian Farr, Erin Thomas and Gustavo Vallejo, is a move in that direction. If elected to the role of Rotary Peace Fellow Integration chair, I would work to bring Peace Fellows into this work.