Pillar of Peace: A Well-Functioning Government

A vital pillar of peace is a well-functioning government. This pillar highlights how civic and political conditions relate to positive peace and is measured by several factors. A well-functioning government can be determined by how officials are elected, the quality of public services they deliver, and political stability. The Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) looks for the strong and consistent performance of these indicators to rank positive peace within this pillar.

All Eyes On Canada

Canada is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 most well-functioning governments in the world, according to these prestigious indexes:

2017 Global Peace IndexGlobal News / World Atlas / USNews & World Report / Institute for Government 

Rotarians in Canada play a crucial role in setting the gold standard for the IEP Pillar of Peace: A Well-Functioning Government. In fact, the Canadian government rewarded Rotary International in 2015 with a national pledge of up to $18-million in matching funds to the Rotary Foundation, “to help save the lives of vulnerable children and reduce poverty in the world’s poorest countries.” Read the proclamation.

The Rotary Foundation of Canada (La Foundation Rotary du) went right to work to translate their partnership with the Canadian government into Rotarian peace action. They established a webinar so Rotarians, Rotary clubs and districts, could find matching funds to establish important humanitarian projects. They issued a call for proposals, and Rotarians in Canada answered this call.

Dan Geddert of the Rotary Club of Kamloops West, BC, teaches children at the Akha Training Centre in Mae Suai, Thailand. The facility houses 300 children from 27 Akha villages. RI Photo by Alyce Henson

Projects led by Rotarians not only affect citizens in Canada, but allow Rotary clubs and districts in Canada to conduct positive peace programs that build goodwill and friendships with other countries, and people, around the world. The government matching funds combined with Rotarian peace actions serve as a symbiotic ambassadorship for all Canadians.

This partnership is a tribute to the many Rotarians who help create and sustain a well-functioning government in Canada.

The HTR (hard to reach) project in Nigeria has delivered over 90,000 doses of vitamin A supplements and over 99,000 deworming tablets to isolated communities in need of medical care as well as polio vaccinations.

In this spirit, Rotarians in Canada are also strong activists for insuring indigenous rights and first nation voices within Canadian democracy. Rotarians founded Honouring Indigenous People (HIP) as a means of empowering indigenous people through education, and also educating fellow Rotarians about the culture and history of their deep Canadian heritage. RAGFP Board Member David Newman also serves on the Board of HIP, and he is a strong proponent of indigenous rights not only in Canada but around the world.

On February 14, 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a declaration that the “Government of Canada will develop – in full partnership with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples – a Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework.”

This Framework and declaration of indigenous and first nation rights also included support for “new measures to support the rebuilding of Indigenous nations and governments, and advance Indigenous self-determination, including the inherent right of self-government.”

As it relates to the IEP’s Global Peace Index, this declaration and recognition of indigenous rights offers an example of how a well-functioning government listens and responds to the voice of its citizens.

The Canadian government responded as Rotarians took the lead to champion indigenous rights and offered education as a means of raising the profile of this cause. Rotarians in Canada, such as RAGFP Board Member David Newman-and our many RAGFP members, are vital and active,  providing the vision, peace actions and positive humanitarian frameworks that help make Canada, consistently, one of the highest ranking governments in the world on IEP’s Global Peace Index.

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