Main Webinar/ Video Lecture:
Israeli and Palestinian Narratives in Peacebuilding and Peace Obstruction
By Dr. Julia Chaitin, WarPreventionTV, URL:
In this talk, Dr. Julia Chaitin presented a conceptualization of four different kinds of personal narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, two of which usually hinder peacebuilding efforts between former enemies, and two that have the potential to support peacebuilding and reconciliation if they are undertaken in a supportive, dialogical group space.  She presented examples from the Israeli-Palestinian context.  She will explore the consequences that the sharing of such narratives can have on autobiographers and others in their society by raising issues that need to be addressed when working with members of ‘enemy’ groups on peacebuilding endeavors.
Q & A Video Excerpt:
A Role for Rotarians in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, by Dr. Julia Chaitin, WarPreventionTV, Published on Dec 19, 2014
Question and Answer part of special presentation / webinar featuring Dr. Julia Chaitin “Israeli and Palestinian Narratives in Peacebuilding and Peace Obstruction” hosted by the War Prevention Initiative by the Jubitz Family Foundation, the Rotarian Action Group for Peace and the Conflict Resolution Program at Portland State University.