Urgent Peace Action

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace is featuring the obstacles and paths to peace in the world’s least peaceful nations. According to the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), Positive Peace describes “the attitudes, structures, and institutions that underpin and sustain peaceful societies.” IEP has developed the Global Peace Index that carefully measures peace at the national and international level by analyzing the social, political, and economic factors that create the pathways (or obstacles) to peace. The IEP states that Peace inequality between the most peaceful and least peaceful nations is growing. Peace inequality can be summarized as the trend where the most peaceful nations are becoming more peaceful, while the least peaceful nations are growing less peaceful. Listed on this page are the world’s least peaceful nations, starting with Afghanistan (ranked 163/163).

The RAGFP wants to demonstrate what efforts are currently being done to create pathways to peace and the positive peace impact Rotarians can wage in the regions that need it most. If you are interested in designing a Peace Project in one of the nations below, please fill out the survey liked at the end of the article and contact the RAGFP.

163. Afghanistan 

162. Syria

161. South Sudan

160. Yemen