You can help recruit and develop a new generation of Rotarian peacebuilders by sponsoring a Rotaract for RAGFP membership. Your sponsorship will connect them in a global network of Rotarians who are focused on peace projects and initiatives, conflict resolution, and providing Rotary’s guiding principals of inclusion and service as a path to peace in over 75 countries around the world.

RAGFP membership is a resource for education, engagement, and empowerment for Rotarian peacebuilders who seek world peace through primary involvement and action in Rotary’s Peace Area of Focus. We envision a “world beyond war” built by over 1.2 million Rotarians who are connected in one of the largest and most successful humanitarian organizations in world history. Rotary International is more than just a collection of service clubs, it is a global peacebuilding force made of dedicated community leaders who are committed to service above self.

Youthful energy and ideas are the future of Rotary International and world peace. It is essential for all Rotarians to engage, educate and empower young Rotaraians in peacebuilding activities, peace projects and initiatives, essential focus on peace, peace education, and community leadership. You can sponsor and welcome them into the Rotarian Action Group for Peace.

Simply follow the links provided and “Give the Gift of Membership.” We will contact you for specific Rotaract information and provide them will all their RAGFP membership details and peacebuilding resources. You may even wish to Sponsor Rotaracts in specific countries around the world, where your funds will be dedicated to Rotaract recruitment. General Rotaract Sponsorship helps recruit Rotaracts around the world for Rotarian peacebuilding leadership, engagement, education, empowerment. Help us recruit and train the next generation of Rotarian peacebuilders!