Meet Rotary District 3410

Rotary District 3410 is making a difference in Indonesia.

As one of two Rotary districts in Indonesia, it includes the capital city of Jakarta and several provinces within the country. It is a strong peacebuilding district.

In 2018, Rotary International is thriving in Indonesia because Rotarians in District 3410 (and all around the world’s largest island nation) refused to “give up” on peacebuilding, despite all opposition of politics, religion or sectarian influence.

District 3410 is divided into 4 main regions including Batam, Sumatera, Jabodetabek, Jawa Barat, and Jawa Tengah, Yogyakarta. Rotarians in these clubs provide essential services and community connections to a variety Indonesians who may never know Rotary International outlasted Axis players or any other forces to continue building peace in their country.

Got Milk? Rotary clubs in Jabodetabek region provided milk for children in a school that was built in a landfill area.

Need Food? Rotary clubs in the Batam Sumatera region sponsored food distribution in areas where grocery stores are hard to reach.

Need help? Rotarians in the Jawa Barat region will be there when the floodwaters rise.

Want to end polio in our lifetimes? Rotary clubs in Jawa Tengah, Jogjakarta region are on the cutting edge of efforts in Indonesia.

District 3410 sets a standard for peacebuilding in Indonesia