Rotarians Give to Save Lives in Beirut, Lebanon

Rotarians offer comfort and resilience to communities who are facing difficult circumstances in our world. In Beirut, Lebanon, a Rotary grant provided medical equipment to a local hospital. Conflicts in the region have brought a flood of refugees into Lebanon, creating a great strain on medical resources.

Patients suffering from epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease or brain tumors, face especially high risks during medical procedures because the brain is the most complex internal organ in the human body. These procedures are dangerous and scary, even under the best conditions. Rotarians gave to ensure the health sector in Lebanon had the medical tools needed to provide accessible care for those suffering illnesses.

The Rotary club of Beirut Cosmopolitan partnered with the Rotary Club of Sahel Metn, the Rotary Club of Kesrouan and other international partners to obtain Rotary Foundation grants that provided two cutting-edge imaging machines for brain surgeons at the Hotel Dieu Hospital. The donation of these expensive medical machines was achieved through collaboration with Epsilon Association for the treatment of Epilepsy.

In technical terms, one device is a Bipolar Coagulation Generator. It provides a precise medium for coagulation of blood vessels and other tissues in the brain, allowing surgeons to find precise locations without damaging otherwise normal tissues. The other is a stereotactic software from INOMED France. Brain surgeons utilize this software to guide an electrode deep in the brain with utter fine point precision.

There are now over 1.5 million refugees, from Syria alone, in Lebanon. This Rotary project not only saves the lives of those who need these medical machines, but helps relieve the enormous pressures being placed upon medical infrastructures in Lebanon.

These cutting-edge medical machines will allow brain surgeons in Lebanon to reduce the risk of many complications for patients facing life-threatening medical procedures.

The Rotary Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan donates two life-saving medical machines to the Neurosurgery Department at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Beirut. Rotary Foundation global grants played a vital role in obtaining these life-saving devices for patients throughout the Middle East.