Global Peace System Study Guide will introduce the concept of the Global Peace System as an alternative story to the war system.

The curriculum/ program is designed to be implemented:

  • In school day education
  • After school program
  • Retreat/Camp
  • Club
  • Independently
  • It can be tailored to the context with activities ranging from a 20 min brief overview to a full day workshop

This curriculum/program primarily focuses on:

  • Peace, nonviolence, conflict transformation
  • Peacebuilding
 Group size that works best for the curriculum/program:
  • Small group (2-8 people)
  • Small classroom (12-20 people)
  • Large classroom (20-30 people)
  • Can be tailored depending on the group

Age range the curriculum/program is aimed towards:

  • Secondary School or Highschool (9-12)
  • University Students – Undergraduate
  • University Students – Graduate
  • Lifelong Learners / Adult Education

Time frame of instruction:

  • 1-individual lesson (1 hour approx.)
  • 4-sessions (1 hour each approx.)
  • 8-session class (1 hour each approx.)
  • 16-session class (1 hour each approx.)
  • Full school year implementation
  • Weekend retreat/ camp
  • Independent study
  • Can be tailored accordingly

Language of instruction/curriculum:

  • English

Monetary Program Fee:

  • No cost program  

Instruction qualifications:

  • Community member
  • Before/Afterschool staff
  • Parent
  • Curriculum can be used in a participatory manner

Curriculum Contact Person if Rotarians wish to know more: