The Rotarian Action Group For Peace (RAGFP) has established a Speakers’ Bureau For Peace to support Rotary clubs and districts interested in learning more about peacebuilding and seeking speakers’ on this subject. The members of RAGFP are invited to propose potential speakers by fully completing and submitting the form provided at the RAGFP website. The information that you provide about the proposed speaker will be the only information available to Rotary clubs and districts seeking a speaker. We ask that you only propose a speaker with whose credentials you are personally satisfied. Before proposing a name, we request that you confirm with the proposed speaker that he or she is amenable to being listed with the RAGFP Speakers’ Bureau. The RAGFP will provide information about potential speakers as requested by a Rotary club or district. The club or district will then take the necessary action to contact the proposed speaker; to make arrangements for a speaking date; and to settle the details of speaker costs, if any. [The RAGFP is not able to pay any speaker-related costs.]

RAGFP Speaker’s Bureau Nomination Form

Please return the completed Speaker’s Bureau Nomination Form to [email protected]