Peace Projects: Rotarian Action Group for Peace

Be sure to check out all the great Peace Area of Focus projects on the Rotary Showcase.


2 for 2 Rotary Peace and Polio Challenge

World Peace Minutes Project, is annually done on Rotary’s World Peace and Understanding Day, 23rd Feb, at 12 Noon (GMT), when Rotarians along with invitees including Rotaractors and Interactors, united worldwide, practice a time synchronized 10 minutes of deep mindful silence, to bring peace unto ourselves thereby fostering World Peace, reaffirmed by taking a Peace Pledge.


International Training Institute Strengthening Women Peacebuilders: West Africa

Hold a Rotary VTT-International Training Institute for 30 peace-builders, to receive 2 sessions, 9 months apart, of 5-day intensive trainings provided by world-class, culturally diverse trainers from Mediators Beyond Borders International