The Nepal Women and Peace Global Grant (GG2098538)

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The Nepal Women and Peace Global Grant (GG2098538)
Project Description
This global grant will train women’s rights leaders to develop advocacy, communications, and leadership skills, and build a network that enables them to seek measures to both prevent and redress violence against women in order to drastically improve the safety of women in Nepal. Improving women’s security and furthering gender equity are two of the structural transformations Nepal needs to consolidate the gains of the 2006 peace process internally, which is faltering based on lack of participation of women in the peace process, and a peace process which does not uphold fundamental human rights.

This grant will also assist in building leadership capacity among individual leaders while demonstrating the benefits of cooperation and lobbying, which will lead to the formation of a united in-country federation of individual leaders and organizations working together to confront violence against women. Through this training, these leaders and organizations will self-select the objectives that will be the centerpiece of their work to educate policy makers and community members across the nation on how best to end violence against women in Nepal.

One way to understand the type of societal transformation we are seeking around violence against women and girls in Nepal, through this grant, is to see this short video about the training and capacity building program we are using

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Training for 25 civil society leaders working to address/redress violence against women to work together to confront violence against women in Nepal and bring their learnings back to their organizations/communities.
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Erin Thomas
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English, Spanish
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Budhanilkantha -7 Hattigauda
Kathmandu, Kathmandu 4376820
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2 years
Rotary District
Districts: 5100 and 3292
Club Name
Rotary Club of Newberg and Rotary Club of Kathmandu
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The Rotary Clubs of Newberg, OR USA and Kathmandu, Nepal have been working for close to a year on a Peace Area of Focus Global Grant to train advocates to prevent violence against women and girls in Nepal.

The Nepal Women and Peace Global Grant (GG2098538) is now done with District, Cadre, and Regional Grant Officer review. All grant writing, MOUs, and forms are in place on the RI site. All we have left is final funding partnerships!

Seeking club partnerships for the Nepal Peace and Women Global Grant
We can send your club a flyer on the grant, the grant application materials or any other grant details if interested! Please contact:
Laura Tilrico, Rotary Club of Newberg –
Erin Thomas, Rotary Club of Albina & Rotary Peace Fellow –

Here is where we are with fundraising to date:

  • $22,500 committed
    • We need $12,000 more
    • Looking for $35,000 total

One way to understand the type of societal transformation we are seeking around violence against women and girls in Nepal, through this grant, is to see this short video about the training and capacity building program we are using (LINK). Violence against women and girls is the most pervasive human rights violation on the planet, and in many countries, a public health pandemic. Experts agree that specific solutions used in concert drastically reduce rates of violence against women. Explicit laws are reliably associated with lower rates of violence, and when nations take a proactive role in ensuring women’s safety, reporting increases, rates of violence decrease, and women live longer. We know what the evidence-based practices are, and we can help women’s rights advocates in Nepal to form a national coalition to confront this issue in their country.

Please contact Laura and Erin if you would like to hear more about this Rotary club partnership request!

We could use volunteers in Nepal!
Is there a Global Grant for this project?
Every Woman Treaty is the primary cooperating organization for this global grant application and will work with the Rotary Clubs to coordinate all aspects of the proposed global grant: planning, training, follow up and reporting. Every Woman Treaty is a coalition by, and for, frontline women’s rights advocates from every corner of the planet working to advance a global treaty to end violence against women and girls. Every Woman Treaty supports women’s rights advocates in their own countries to lead the way in creating a safer world for women.COOPERATING ORGANIZATION/PARTNER: Women for Human Rights
Women for Human Rights will provide assistance in participant scoping and work with the Rotary Club of Kathmandu to manage the logistics for hosting the in-country training, as well as provide space and supervision for the Nepal-based part-time coordinator proposed in our budget. Women for Human Rights is Every Woman Treaty’s primary frontline coalition partner in Nepal and the organization that managed the community needs assessment for this grant. Women for Human Rights has been working for the social, political, economic and legal rights of single women in Nepal and in South Asia for the past 20 years.COOPERATING ORGANIZATION/PARTNER: Global Health Advocacy Incubator – Trainers
The training we are proposing has been successfully implemented by Global Health Advocacy Incubator for over a decade. Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) operates with the philosophy that advancing the most important public health issues around the world starts with catalyzing a sustainable movement of passionate advocates at the local, national, regional and international levels. GHAI has conducted in-country training for many public health policy campaigns, including building national coalitions with local partners in more than 50 nations to drive the adoption of Framework Convention on Tobacco, also known as the Tobacco Treaty. GHAI is the most adept training partner for this global grant because they have supported more than 260 organizations to help them plan and execute locally led advocacy campaigns, leading to the passage or strengthening of more than 250 policies that improve health and save lives. They have also provided technical assistance to nearly 15,000 advocates, journalists, and government officials and helped pass policies in more than 60 countries. They are now poised to work with the Every Woman Treaty to build a Nepal-based national coalition/federation for the elimination of violence against women and girls.
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