Safeguarding Schools against Human Trafficking

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Safeguarding schools against human trafficking
Project Description
The aim of this project is to address the growing concern regarding the targeting and subsequent sexual exploitation of children in the Netherlands by human traffickers, Rotary – The Hague Metropolitan is sponsoring comprehensive professional development training for the staff of five elementary/middle public schools in The Hague, Netherlands. The training, Safeguard Training for Schools, has been developed by a U.S.-based organization, the Just Ask Prevention Project. This organization has extensive history and expertise in the delivery of this training. It has been proven to increase capacity of school staff to identify, respond, and intervene in suspected incidents of human trafficking and exploitation.
Project Plan:
1. To identify five elementary/middle public schools and visit them to learn about their specific needs and timeline for training.
2. Customize training materials based on needs assessment for each participating school.
3. Define training dates based on schools’ availability. Training will last four hours per school.
4. Once training is completed, each school will have access to technical support via digital sessions thorough the school year.Goals:
– To develop and implement effective, evidence-based curriculum in five elementary/middle public schools located in The Hague, Netherlands.
– To equip the teaching staff within these schools with a working knowledge of human trafficking and how it presents within these communities so as to be able to fully engage with the curriculum.
This project use materials that can be totally adaptable for any community. The Rotary Club of The Hague Metropolitan is already presenting this project there clubs locally and internationally. Therefore, the RCTHM is wiling to present this idea to all clubs interested and helping them initiate a similar project in their communities.
Since the train the trainer model is used, it has been calculated that the project will reach over 15000 students, parents and teachers at a cost of €5.00 per Capita:Schools:
5 schools 10 teachers per school =50
50 teachers training 10 more teachers each= 500 teachers
500 teachers training 25 students each= 12500 students
50 parents and Rotarians training 10 people each= 500
500 community members training 5 more people each= 2500 more
TOTAL: 15000 people trained to learn how to identify signs of human trafficking and how to help students learn where to get help and how to defend themselves.

A similar training program has been already implemented in Guadalajara Mexico with the support of the Rotary Club of Guadalajara, Jalisco and Corporativa de Fundaciones training 79 schools in 5 days.

Project Description Excerpt
This project is designed to develop and implement an effective, evidence-based curriculum in five schools located in The Hague, NL, to identify dangerous signs of human trafficking and learning to help their students.
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Estela Landeros
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English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch
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Herman Bielingplein
Rotterdam, Rotterdam 3059 TV
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1 year
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Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan
Project Resources
The total cost of this project is €3000. Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan has allocated €500.00 through its Peace and Justice Task Force Committee. The RCTHM has also approved a grant of €600 plus a loan of €500 payable after fundraising activities receive more funds. The Peace and Justice Task Force Committee is selling t-shirts to raise funds.
A donation of €1200 was received from Rotary Club of Cuijk, NL.
A personal donation of €100 from a RCTHM member was also received.
We have several volunteers helping with curricular material adaptations and would like to have more volunteers involved. They must be native Dutch speakers to help us review current adaptations. We also need more volunteers involved in schools to help us present this project to more schools. Unfortunately human trafficking is growing exponentially and we would like to get more schools involved so we can reach more students.
Is there a Global Grant for this project?
The Just Ask Prevention organization ( ) has agreed to provide us with a life time license materials for the one time cost of all training materials plus a one year of technical support to the 5 schools involved in the project regardless of there number of trainees that participate in the initial project. The same model can be implemented in other communities what the same cost involving the same number of schools.
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