Sacred Dance for Peace

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Sacred Dance for Peace
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Sacred Dance Meditations are used to foster peace, community, social and restorative justice. Because it accesses human spirit and connectivity, while reaching into the deepest longing for love and understanding, Sacred Dance Meditation offers healing, wholeness, and a way forward out of conflict and difference. Sacred Dance Meditation is done in all cultures over time, and has a way of communicating change while setting space for growth and forward movement. Sacred Dance Meditation is paired with an agenda for agency, development, and sustainability, with movements derived from day to day movements found in everyday life so that it is accessible for all.
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Sacred Dance Meditation is a vehicle for building peace, honoring climate changes, and bringing sustainable practices to our communities.
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Carla Walter
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35 Stirling Way
Hayward, CA 94542
United States
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Rotary District
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San Francisco Rotary Club
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We are seeking funding. Resources are needed for travel, expert participants, staffing, outreach, and locations to host retreats and workshops.
We need volunteers to spread the message of sacred dance as a framework for peace.
Is there a Global Grant for this project?
These are still to be determined.