Rural women in Colombia Hold the Key to Peace

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Women are the main survivors in the Colombian conflict. Even in the most adverse circumstances they play a crucial role in their families’ vital material and symbolic reconstruction. They are burdened with the pain of their losses, fear, family rupture, and righteous anger at seeing their bodies transformed into military targets. They reconstruct territories and identity referents while building multiple forms of resistance in the midst of sudden impoverishment and social exclusion.
Women still lack knowledge of their rights in some cases, and there exist limited access to education and training for women, insufficient means of participation in decision-making processes, and critical barriers to productive resources.

Across the globe, women play a significant role as agricultural producers, unpaid family workers, or as salaried employees on larger farms. However, women in agriculture have less access than men to land, finance, extension services and technology, and labor opportunities in high-value markets.This imposes major costs on the agriculture sector, the broader economy, and society, as well as on women themselves and their families.
The participation of women of rural areas faces a series of obstacles which are probably common to the majority of the countries and which are related to a culture that relegates women to the domestic area. Such belief penetrates the institutions, communities, and even the women themselves who often see themselves as inferior to men. In this accord, whatever action destined to strengthening the involvement of rural women must consider a global action that not only includes women but also their families, the rest of the organizations and the community as a whole.

We work in Santo Domingo, Antioquia, with a group of 30 women. Our goal is reproduce our current model as a peace model with rural women: Empowering rural women as farmers, entrepreneurs, and leaders throughout the agricultural value chain is a topic with exceptional importance for agricultural productivity, fighting poverty, food security and peace.

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Isabel Martinez
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Santo Domingo, Antioquia
Veredas de Santo Domingo
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2 years
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Club Rotario Nuevo MedellĂ­n
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Funding for two years, but we would like to increase our scope with rural women in Colombia creating peace models.
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