Infinite Walk of Peace

Project Description

The Infinite Walk of Peace

Boulder, Colorado

A Project Of The Boulder Rotary Club

Celebrating its 100th Anniversary, the Boulder Rotary Club developed a special area of mindfulness in the community . . . a space that would generate thoughts about peace in our everyday lives and peace in the world.

As part of its Centennial celebration on April 1, 2019, the Boulder Rotary Club in partnership with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation undertook an enhancement of the International Peace Garden, originally dedicated on October 6, 1990.  The enhanced environment – Infinite Walk of Peace -promotes a culture of peace and environmental sustainability, cultivates personal emotional awareness, and builds bridges across communities.  The committee responsible for planning and undertaking the improvements to the International Peace Garden was made up of members of three Boulder Rotary Committees:  1) Preserve Planet Earth Committee, 2) World Community Service Committee, and 3) Peace Building Committee.

The Infinite Walk of Peace is an area adjacent to Boulder’s Public Library.  It is a space that reaches the senses from the sound of the rushing Boulder Creek, to the smell of nature, to the touch of words and textures, and it takes those on the walk around through Boulder’s Sister Cities Plaza.  This project is in partnership with the City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department.

In the planning, Boulder Rotary sought thoughts about peace from great minds throughout history.  Their words are inscribed on benches that border the creek.

Five peace poles placed throughout provide the names of Boulder’s ten sister cities, and more will be added for any additional sister cities relationships.  Plaques noting that this Walk of Peace is a Boulder Rotary project will appear on at least one of the poles and also on the maps to be installed at each end of the Walk that will guide those taking the walk.  QR Codes will be on the lamp posts along the Walk that will take visitors to the Walk to a website where they can read “What Peace Is” and how to be part of building it.  Also a part of this centennial project, Montmorency cherry trees were planted throughout the Sister Cities Plaza.  These cherry trees symbolize good fortune, new beginnings, and revival, as well as the concept of environmental sustainability.

This will be a walk in nature that will bring peace to those experiencing the surrounding elements — the symbols, the peace messages, and nature and raise consciousness about the need for peace building.

Children Talk about Peace

A  Special Book Inspired by the Infinite Walk of Peace.

During the course of the project planning, while we sought the thoughts and words from the great minds throughout history, we also sought the thoughts of our young next generation. With the help of the school’s historian, we looked to the fourth-grade students from Boulder’s Whittier International Elementary School. 

We asked the students in Whittier’s three fourth grades, “What is peace?” Their answers, just as they wrote them, became a book – “PEACE:   4th Graders Talk About Peace”, now available through Amazon.  (To order, use the full title:  “PEACE:   4th Graders Talk About Peace”)

In September 2019, two of the 40 student authors were invited to read their words at a closing ceremony for the Jaipur Literature Festival held annually in Boulder.  The audience was rapt and hushed as they spoke.  Afterward, the organizers of the Festival said that they had stolen the show.